8 Ways to Get Rid of Whiteheads

8 Ways to Deal with Whiteheads

Pssst.. Do you have problems dealing with WHITEHEADS aka CLOSED COMEDONES? 

Watch the video below where Asian Beauty Secrets will be sharing with us her 8 Tips on How To Deal With Whiteheads below:

Video Breakdown:

  • What is Whitehead?
  • Whitehead VS Blackhead
  • 8 Tips on How To Deal with Whiteheads

8 Tips Shared:

  1. Avoid Touching your Face with your hands
  2. Cleanse + Exfoliate your skin
  3. Remove your Makeup, especially Waterproof ones
  4. Hydrate your Skin frequently, i.e. drink more water (Read about How To Drink More Water)
  5. Consistency - be consistent with your beauty regime
  6. Seek Professional Advice if in doubt
  7. Use products containing Benzoyl Peroxide / Salicylic Acid / Tea Tree Oil
  8. Sweat it Out - via exercising / spa / sauna

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  1. Great post, I often get whiteheads and I find that sometimes it takes an iron clad will to NOT touch them.....even though I consciously know it will only make it worse if I do! What makes me do that?!

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