Cure Acne with Acne Diet

Does Acne Diet Cure Acne?

 As the saying goes, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". 

Has Acne got to do with our daily diet?

We stumbled upon this blog whilst researching for Acne remedies and would like to share this with you.


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   If acne ruins your life, please read all four posts. I DO NOT sell anything here. I just want to tell you my story. Maybe thanks to this site acne will not ruin your youth as it ruined mine. During 11 years of hard war with acne I had visited tens of dermatologists and cosmetologists. I had spent equivalent of a small car for visits, medicines, cosmetics, etc. I had tested hundreds of medications that only dried my skin and made it burn. Not a long time ago I was ashamed of getting out of home. Today my skin looks good, only some scars remained. A really bad acne I cured in no more than 3 months. This text is not medical article. I just want to share my history... 11 sad years... so let's start from the beggining.

My acne started when I was about 17. When I was 18 I looked terrible. Big dark red pimples covered all my face. Nobody could help me for almost 11 years!!! I had tried almost everything.... with no results. I just wanted to disappear in my room. I wanted to leave the school. It was a tough time for me. Everybody who experienced serious acne knows what I mean. Tens of dermatologists, hundreds of pills, tons of ointments, litres of cosmetics. I was helpless and lonely... When huge money spent didn't help I stopped visiting dermatologists and using any medications or cosmetics. To my suprise my pimples from that time started to disappear faster, than they used to. My skin got also a bit better because from that time, it wasn't so dried up. However new big breakouts still continued. I decided to wash my face only with cool tap water (no soap or cosmetics), cleaning hands with soap after every face touch. It helped me to reduce dryness of skin significantly. Face wasn't so red anymore, but acne didn't disappear. Many science publications claims that diet doesn't affect acne. Because so far I had tried everything, I decided to try diet as a last chance. Surfing the web I found many articles connecting consumption of bread and gluten products with acne. I was rather sceptical but I had nothing to loose. I made my last trial - DIET! 

I am neither scientist nor doctor so I am not going to play a wise guy. I just draw a theory (perhaps scientifically unfounded and unverified) and describe it as simply as possible. For some people, wheat gluten damages the villi in their intestines, causing abnormal absorption of nutrient intake (and thus leading to many diseasesas a result). Have you also discovered that bread wet in water behaves as a "glue mush? In our gut it can persist, causing the formation of candida. In addition, each time the intake of carbohydrates leads to insulin strokes, affecting to some extent on the hormonal balance (one of the reasons of acne). I know that all this sounds very naive, I thought so too ... but not any more.... The final effect passed my all expectetions. People that were close to me stated at the beginning that probably I had gone crazy, but now they are amazed and no longer criticize my new diet. I started gluten-free + low glycemic index food + no dairy & milk diet (though really, in practice, complete elimination of gluten is almost impossible because it is contained in almost the majority of processed products in food processing plants). And so I started with the simplest. I excluded the bread and all derivatives of cereals (oatmeal, pastas, cakes, etc.) from my diet. As a precaution, I also eliminated from my diet milk and milk products (as this is probably also a common allergen). The beginnings were as a nightmare. Bread, gives a feeling of satiety (fills stomach). First period from its elimination was a hard time for me. It was associated with a continuous feeling of hunger and also some weight loss in the initial period appeared. In addition, this type of diet eliminates many other foods that were previously a source of fast and simple food (pastas, etc.). However I think that anyone is able to handle with it. I started to eat more meat, fishes, eggs (generally proteins) vegetables and gluten-free products (pointing out, however, to have rather a low glycemic index fods, which do not cause sudden strokes of insulin). My diet can be called gluten-free + protein + no milk products +carbohydrate (low glycemic index). Is it 100% safe? I do not know, but I use it few years till now (I even eat from time to time some sweets) and I feel good. I also try to drink plenty of water. Please do not forget that our ancestors did not eat bread, but only what they managed to hunt or find in the forest :). The first effects of improvements on my face I noticed after no more than 3 weeks. Blemishes began to heal, and most importantly, a new deep and painful cysts ceased to appear. My face smoothed from month to month, and after about 3.5 months I felt like a new born man (happy as never and with sense of relief). My face still is not 100% perfect (I have some small blackheads), sometimes a single small pimple appears somwhere, but it disappears as quickly as it appears (I have to admit I do not keep the regimen of diet strictly because sometimes it is too hard or just impossible) . I do not give a penny for medicines, cosmetics for face any more. I shave only with an electric razor. In my life occurred definitely a big miracle. I am different man today (have a beautiful girlfriend, I am not ashamed any more when I leave home). I am a happy man thanks to a few people who shared on the Internet the "acne & gluten theory", of which for many months I am an avid supporter. I share my experiences, hoping that maybe someone will avoid the long lasting drama, which I went through ...

I'm absolutely not saying that this method is effective for any type of acne, but when other methods fail ... I think it's worth a try, even for one month. For me, my skin started to improve just after a few weeks:). Of course do not forget to consult your doctor;) I didnt't because i know what would be their reaction ;) I am not going to pay anymore a penny for all this chemical inventions that were ruining my wallet and health :)

This is the last chapter. I will not spin acne conspiracy theories, many of which can be found on the Internet. The pharmaceutical industry is a big business. The drugs can be sold for huge money. Diet is for free. Big companies are not interested in finding natural cure for acne. Do not forget that a lot of researches is funded by pharmaceutical companies. I stumbled one day on the conclusions of the study (can't remind now who was behind them), which showed that in societies in remote corners of the world that do not eat processed foods (including bread anf high glycemic index products) the problem of acne practically doesn't exist. My acne started in adolescence period, when I used to be hungry all the time and used to eat lot of sandwiches and drink lot of milk. So maybe for some people it actually has a significant impact? People grow grains probably several thousand years ... Produce highly processed foods shorter. Previously, people ate what they hunted or found in the forest. Maybe human digestive system could not keep up with evolution of agriculture and food industry... and for some people it manifests as an acne? Remember also that probably neither adult animal in nature drinks milk... ecpecially from the cows that are often fed with hormones and antibiotics. Don't forget that the human body is complicated mechanism in which a disturbance of one function leads to the disturbance of other ...

Summary of my acne method:

Most important:
+ Gluten-free diet
+ Milk and dairy-free diet
+ Low glycemic index diet

But also:
+ Drink more mineral or spring water (no popular drinks with sugar, no alcohols)
+ Give up smoking
+ No face cosmetics, soaps and other chemical products (wash face only with cool water)
+ No drugs and other antibiotics


Acne Diet

From time to time I get e-mails with questions about my diet. I added this page to my blog, to describe what I eat usually. This is only an example diet and it should be diversified so it wasn't too monotonous.
If you read all four chapters of my blog, you know that the most important thing in my diet is to eliminate gluten (mainly bread and wheat flour based) and dairy products and focus on foods with a low glycemic index (that apparently reduced my oily skin during the day).

Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs
Fried sausages
Rice bread
Cooked chicken breast
Other meat dishes
Vegetables and fruits

Soups (except those thickened with flour)
All meat and fishes
Potatoes and french fries
Rice (best is brown, white is indeed a high glycemic index, but have to eat something :)

Tuna salad with corn
Rice bread
Meat, sausages
Vegetables and fruits

My observations also shows that it is worth to give up soft drinks (with sugar), alcohol (also sugars, whereas some may contain gluten), smoking - perhaps you have observed that a few days after the event the symptoms of acne on your face exacerbates.
In addition, I have blood type "0", and as literature mentions, for this group of blood meat diet is adequate, which also confirms my case :)

Because withstanding the rigorous diet is almost impossible, I think that the best way to cure acne is strict compliance with the diet for few weeks / months, and then afford some exceptions from time to time.

Remember: You should always consult your doctor or dietician before starting any diet.


Have anyone else tried this Acne Diet? Do let us know in the comments below whether is it working for you.

We personally feel that there is no harm trying since most of us are at our wits end trying to find a solution for those pesky acne.



  1. Thankfully i don't have acne, but I firmly believe that one's diet has a huge impact on skin, so this is a great idea!

    1. yes definitely, it's also important to maintain being acne free. I will soon post on how to better prevent acne coming to individuals. :)

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